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      Barbara Jenke

      I found a DOS version of Sierra’s Time Zone on “”. I downloaded the game and unzipped all six discs and installed DOSBox onto my Windows 10 PC laptop. I copied the unzipped discs into DOSBox. How do I get DOSBox to play the game, what letters do I enter? I don’t know anything about using DOS. Also, how would I switch discs while playing the game?
      Thank you in advance.

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      Barbara Jenke

      I’m answering my own question. Time Zone is an Apple // game. I downloaded the AppleWin emulator (version v1.30.15.0 for Windows I have Windows 10) from “” I downloaded the AppleIIe ROM from “” The easiest to use and understand tutorial, for me, for downloading and using this emulator is on It is by Mooses Valley entitled “Apple2-Running Apple Emulators and Games on modern Windows PCs- Getting Started – #APPrile – YouTube.

      I found all of my old notes and the original manual in storage boxes.

      Now my new problem is getting the virtual SAVE GAME to work in Time Zone.

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