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      I’m not sure if it’s on-topic in this board, as “A Tale of Two Kingdoms” isn’t a fan-remake or a fan-sequel of any Sierra title, but it was highly inspired by the atmosphere of classic Sierra games – imagine “King’s Quest”, “Quest for Glory” and the Conquest games put together. It was developed using AGS by an independent group named Crystal Shard Games.
      For a non-commercial release, both graphic and sound are truely impressive. There are almost no cinematic cut-scenes – non-interactive scenes in the game mostly use the game-engine – but the design of the background, and dialogue character-paintings are beautiful. And the game itself is HUGE. There are many locations to explore, and the plot is divided into seven long chapters. Clearly a lot of work and thought went into making the game.
      There are problems – some puzzles don’t make sense, other are somewhat annoying. But overall, this was the closest thing (other than the the KQ2 and KQ3 remakes, perhaps) to feeling that “Sierra touch” I had in recent years.
      I’m serious. If you’re a Sierra fan, you shouldn’t pass on this one. Get it here (for free):


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