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      I go by the Name SilverWolf as thats what my daughter dubbed me when she
      was 10 years old and was already bypassing my knowledge of browsing and
      surfing and decided that her pepper-haired, and bearded father need a
      cool multiplayer handle for BF 1942.

      Sierra was one my first
      games in 1989 when I got my first 386 Packard Hell and I was in love
      with Sierras games from day one. All the games done by Sierra and those
      in co-creation with Impressions are example of what real games were all
            I had all the City Builder games of which they know
      nothing of today, Lords of the Realm 1+2 and so many more I cant
      remember to list. All I know is that along with Microprose when Sid
      Meier was creating over there and Interplay who gave us Duke Nukem and
      others, Sierra was part of the fathers of strategy/roleplaying/action 
          I can remember when playing Caesar 4 and then suddenly
      the rumors started to trickle down. Sierra know as we it was gone, as
      was soon to be Interplay and Maxis, all bought up by companies who
      measured fun in dollars rather then the meat of the games. I was so easy
      to call up tech support and talk to a real person, often the creators
      themselves and really feel that the game creators appreciated us players
      in a very personal way.  In a way its nice I can stop by here and read
      the feelings of other Sierra fans who havent forgotten this great
      company  and yet feel sad that we will never see the creativity that
      these companies built their reuptations on.

      Half-Life, I
      remember when that came out I thought the end times were here. Scary
      head crabs and head crab controlled zombies and a game that talked back
      to you as well. Though I must compliment Valve on picking up the saga
      and giving us gameplay that respected the vision of the original game.
      Now if only they give us chapter 3.  I always thought that Dos, despite
      being sprites, still had it all over 3d games precisely because that’s
      were all the invention came from.

      Im glad to hear the Walkers are
      doing well bless their hearts.   Coming across this page and the blog
      it feels like you suddenly out of nowhere met old friends that you
      haven’t seen in ages. I also miss Phil Lester who use to come on forums
      to chat about Impressions games. I cant imagine what Mr and Mrs Walker
      think of what they did with Lords of the Realm 3 🙂

      Well anyways,
      this is bit of who I am gamer wise. Thank You Walker Twosome for being
      among the top innovative game companies inventing the best stress
      relieving fun I ever had. You are sorely missed but at the same time Im
      glad to hear that all is well with you. You made your mark in the gaming
      world with a bullet, and as Bob Hope would sing “Thanks for the

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