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      Hello Ken, I just watched the Metal Jesus interview with you and your wife. Really enjoyed it! Sierra was my favarite PC Game company back in the day. Good memories!
      Great to hear from you both.

      Any chance you know where I can find one of those Sierra 3D Cards? I’d love to play some old games that ran with this card again.

      Screamin’ 3D, 1996

      Anyway, looking forward to your next game!

      Take care,

      Jason L

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      Martin Montplaisir

      International Computer Group – Barry Friedman

      Hello Ken and Roberta,

      I used to sell your video games at a local computer store – ComputerWorld (1988 – 1997) in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. I believe Barry Friedman helped you publish some games for Sierra. I worked for ICG between 1997 – 1999 and did some work for RAMA (Arthur C Clark).

      I’m a video game historian and wondering if you had 30 minutes in the coming months for a quick video chat to discuss Barry Friedman and ICG for my research.

      Thank you, and looking forward to your new game.



      Martin Montplaisir

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