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      I’ve been visiting this site for years, but never took the time to create an account until now.  I grew up with Sierra’s games.  I used to love going to the computer store to buy the newest Sierra game, starting it up, getting excited at the Sierra intro, and then marveling at the graphics and sounds of the games.  Sierra was really good at pushing things forward, and I used to update my computer every few years to keep up with them.  I always dreamed of working for Sierra, and although I never got a chance to work at their Oakhurst studio, I was an off-site beta tester for The Realm (I was in the right place at the right time, as my area was the test market for Road Runner high speed online at a time when 56K modems were the norm, and Sierra wanted to test all speed connections), which is still one of my fondest memories.

      Now that Activision has brought back Sierra as their label for publishing independently developed games, and The Odd Gentlemen is bringing King’s Quest back, I’m excited about Sierra again, so I thought I’d finally create an account here and say hi. 🙂

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      Hi Jennifer,

      I’m new here, this is my second visit to the website. I also loved Sierra games… I just love the quests, in fact my life has become a quest. I guess and I’m a seeker by nature.

      Have you tried the re-edition of Gabriel Knight 1? I just downloaded yesterday, I’m going to test it today. You can find it here: http://store.postudios.com/collections/games/products/gabriel-knight-sins-of-the-fathers-20th-anniversary-edition



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