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      Hey Ken –

      I’m sure you have thousands of messages like this on this board – but I wanted to say how your company Sierra influenced me as a child.

      The first sierra game I played was Police Quest 2. I was hooked – I called up the sierra tech line because I couldn’t figure out why I was dying in the bains shootout. (Adjust your sights!)

      After I played this game, I had to check out your other games…. and I was glad I did. The space quest series, the Leisure Suit Larry series ( nice age verification ), King’s Quest, Quest for Glory and so on.

      It was my first real exposure to the pc gaming world, and it had a profound impact on me… I eventually went into computers.

      Though programming isn’t really for me – I think that your games caused me to want to understand computers more.

      Thank you Ken and you too Roberta – for giving kids some great games to play.


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