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      I’m new here to forum, just made an account in hopes that someone could help me.

      I’ve been trying to recall and search for the title of a game I remember from when I was young.

      My family bought a copy of Caesar II about the time it was published, along with it came a demo for another game. I remember very fondly this game and have always hoped to go back and find it again but I can’t remember what it is called or find any information about it!

      In this demo you were allowed to play as an elf. However, it was alluded to that in the full version there were far more options for races. If I recall correctly the options were based around ideologies, as in you could choose Order, or Chaos, or things of that nature. I remember having to spend time in certain buildings, like a small library to train a spell or something.

      Perhaps if anyone is familiar with this or if they remember Caesar II coming with a demo game and which it was, you can help me.

      I apologize for my description being terrible, but I was a very small child at the time and it was more than a decade ago and my memory isn’t the best.

      Thanks for your time and help!

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      Hi and welcome! 🙂

      By your description I’m pretty sure that would be Lords of Magic, a spin-off of Lords of the Realm II. There is also Lords of Magic: Special Edition, which contains a bunch of new characters, missions and so on.

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