Hello Ken & Roberta!

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      I am so glad I stumbled onto this site…it’s great to know you guys are doing well. What field did your son go into? I remember the articles he used to write for the Sierra magazine….
      I miss Sierra. It seems that all the current games these days are all about killing. The adventure game genre as Sierra created it is gone. I don’t understand it, myself…I thought games like King’s Quest & Quest for Glory were timeless and classic. The games that others have designed (like Myst) have paled in comparison with the worlds created by Sierra.
      I used to purchase (mostly Sierra) computer games all the time. I no longer do. I look at the shelves and none of the games look like anything I want to play, or want my child to see me play.
      I’m going to surf around here for a bit and see if I can find some help getting the sound on the older SCI games working.

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