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      Hello from Melbourne, (Victoria), Australia. I have the whole kings quest collection series on cd rom (kings quest 1-8), aswell as this l have the leisure suit larry ultimate pleasure pack (larry 1-7), and gabriel knight 1 -3. Basically the problem that i’m having is that l can’t get kings quest 1 and onwards to run on my computer. For the last 4 hours l have been trying to run kings quest 1 and onwards on my computer but to no avail. I am using microsoft windows XP home edition and from what i’ve learnt its basically a nightmare playing old games on this operating system.
      Anyway l tried installing kings quest, and the installation is successful, but l can’t seem to get the game to run, l receive messages during installation like you can’t run these games in windows XP, try DOS instead, or that l can play these games on windows XP but you will encounter certain problems.
      One message l got was that the only game that needs a 256 color resolution is kings quest 5, so my question is, how do l get these games to run, would windows or DOS be better? And do you have to install some games on DOS and others on windows XP, because the way l see it is that some games work on windows XP, others on DOS.
      Also 2 more things l want to mention, l did try changing the colour mode, l went to control panel, display, then settings, and advanced, then list all modes, and chose 256 colour, (640×480), but still nothing happened, not unless l did something wrong.
      Secondly l did try running/installing the kings quest games through DOS, l went to the command prompt window, and typed in install, but then it tells me to press a letter next to a game to install so kings quest 1 is `a`, l press, ‘A’ a nothing happens. It also mentions APPLE games that can only be run on windows, so basically so sum it up i’m all confused and dumbfounded by all this.
      I was thinking about paying a local computer guy to help me fix the problem, but l am really glad l found a site that deals with problems playing old sierra computer games.
      I really would be very grateful if you guys could help me fix this problem, judging by what i’ve written, it seems a huge problem, but im hoping its not, the same applies for my larry games, if this works on kings quest, then l hope larry will work.
      Could you please give me a detailed step by step answer, as i’m not the best at computers,
      kind regards

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      King’s Quest 1 original, SCI or the new Tierra VGA version, is my first question 🙂

      Also, you’re running KQ5 CD version with the DOS version (sierra.exe), right?

      And I’m from South Australia 🙂 Welcome to the boards, always nice to see another Aussie in the community.

      – Alistair

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      Hi alistair, thanks for your answer, initially l was still confused cause the answer was short, but l downloaded DOSBOX, and l can now play kings quest 1-4, BUT l have another problem, during the installation of my kings quest collection, l received messages telling me that kings quest 1-4 are played under DOS, and kings quest 5 and onwards needs to be played under windows, now l can’t seem to get kings quest 5 working, l receive error messages stating that l GDI.DLL file can’t be found, and another message with the headline CAN’T PLAY 16 BIT IN WINDOWS, or that this GDI.DLL file or one of its components is missing, or the path and filename are incorrect
      Any suggestions?

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