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      Hi there,

      I’ll try to keep the introduction short and simple, even though i get overwhelmed with emotions every time i remember the good old days of pc gaming.

      My name is Dusan and i live in Belgrade Serbia. I was born in 1985 and had my first encounter with a 286 in ’89. I’m not sure how space quest found it’s way on my mothers 20mb hard drive, nor it’s place besides her AutoCAD (version 2 or so).

      I’ll just say this, i lived through the break up of yugoslavia – wars, embargoes, hyper-inflation, and so on. Still i remember my childhood as very happy thanks to Sierra for the most part. The only time i wasn’t happy was when someone had to use a computer for work, or when we had power shortages…

      Now i regret not learning to crunch code, maybe i could have become a game developer. I do 3d graphics though, and study architecture, maybe there’s still time for a change of career.

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      Hi Dusan,
      Thanks for sharing.  So you do 3D graphics?  I can crunch code.  If only we could find a writer with a story and an eye for game design, perhaps we could create something.

      A team of sierragamers users formed a game development group 5 or so years ago.  The project did not get very far.  I still to this day dream of creating a game.  I have an idea for a concept/story, but without artists, a programmer cannot get very far.

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