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      Mr Ken and Roberta Williams,

      I suppose that you receive lots and lots of messages like the one thats about to start here, but I can only pray that you have the time to read these lines.

      I would like to thank you for all the work you did on your games. Sierra games represent for me (and for many as I Can see on this forum) our childhood, of dreaming on space ships and quests and liquor stores (hey, this is not a perfect world!) but we sure had a laugh (and a tear when we finished the games).

      I remember seeing my first Sierra game, my brother had gotten a pirated copy of Leisure Suit Larry and was running it on his old XT computer. As soon as I saw that I was totally hooked. Sierra games were my life, I Grew up and learned a lot from them, and I thank you deeply for the work you did.

      It is however sad that I read from both of you that you always try to think of the future and try to never think of the past — sounds almost like you are ashamed of it. Our past is what makes us today, and you are very lucky to have thousands and thousands of people see you like an example and people to dream about.

      I can only wish you well in your future dealings, and to actually open an invitation to Puerto Rico, if you are still into boating. Puerto Rico is one of the finest destinations for boaters so please feel free to pay us a visit sometime. (BTW, i guess there are not many Puerto Rico fans here, so you can come here and relax without being bothered hehehe. Just make sure you let ME know hehehe).

      May God bless you and hope that you can be convinced to write memoirs of your experiences on Sierra. It will sure be something like a dream to know from yourselves your experiences.

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      To Ken and Roberta, you and your trawler are welcomed here in Florida any time. Do you do much fishing or just sailing? I would love to catch a Marlin but I tend to get sea sick very quickly. My dad loves to fish. He usually stays around Ruskin and fishes for Reds, Flounder and Trout. The Snook and Sheeps Head tend to be harder to catch.

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