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      Hey Ken, Roberta, and everybody else 🙂

      I’m César Bittar, Project Director of the KQ9 fangame. I just saw Ken’s email regarding asking Roberta to talk to us. I’m glad that you guys support us and I’ll always remember the encouraging email Roberta sent us a while back.

      We are working VERY hard in making this game a reality. It is a lot of work and this is a HUGE game. Had I known before what a 2000 pages script meant in terms of production, I wouldn’t have gone so ambitious when writing it, but now, we are already riding the bus. T’here’s no point in stopping it. 🙂

      We are doing our best and so far, the product’s been excellent. Just seeing these character we all love brought to its new life by very talented artists and programmers is a dream come true. I never thought designing a game would be this much fun (and a huge headache at the same time!).

      As I’ve pointed before, the story dives deep into territories never seen in a KQ game before. I sometimes feel the responsability of having “changed” the KQ universe to this much more dark and mature level, but then I read interviews with Roberta, especially during the time of MoE, when she said series must evolve, and I feel right with the heavy plot and storyline. And especially when we’ve been invaded with a wave of Lord of the Rings, and KQ could be seen as a distant cousin of that series, we all felt, in the team, it was right to take the series up to a more mature level. We can only hope you guys, Roberta and Ken, will enjoy it as much as we enjoy it now. After all, if it wasn’t because of you guys, we would have never joined forces to create this ambitious project.

      Albeit all I said up there, some of that fairytalish feel and most importantly, the overall feeling of the series through its characters and its lands will be found. We’ve been concious about this and we never wanted to depart all the way. We just took a step towards, what we believe, is the right direction.

      We never intended to make of KQ9 what Roberta would have made of it. Then again, we are not Roberta, and I’m sure that when she gave us her support, she was aware of this.

      And, Roberta, whether you enjoy it, or feel it was too drastic in its search for deeper meanings and more mature storyline, this game is and will always be dedicated to you.

      César Bittar

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      (re: Greetings from KQ9 Fangame Project Director)

      Your project looks really good. I cant wait for SQ7, Hero6 and KQ9 to come out. Its a dream come true! 😉


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