Ghostbusters fan?

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      Brant Gurganus

      I noticed reading your posts that you have a Keymaster role? Is that coincidence, or derived from some degree of Ghostbusters fandom?

      Second question: if Sierra were still around on 2005 and I’d found it (as I actually tried to do in my naivete about Sierra’s status when I was in a Microsoft internship), think there’d have been any adventure to it or I’d be meet a closed/locked building? I’ve tried meeting the Jackbox folks but they’ve so far turned me down an some subset of them was Sierra affiliated at one point.

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      Ken Williams

      I’m not a Ghostbusters fan. If this site says that somewhere, it is because whoever wrote the WordPress forum software the site uses IS a Ghostbuster fan. I certainly saw the movie and liked it — but, a fan — “no”.

      As to Sierra .. I assume you are asking about where we were located in Bellevue? We had a two large buildings, just off the 90 freeway, just east of the 405.

      -Ken W

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