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      Ok, here goes. At the risk of sounding like someone who has himself pirated software, I’m gonna ask anyway…
      I have been trying to buy (From Sierra no doubt) two new manuals for the games of Shivers and Shivers II. But of course Sierra then sitting there looking at me like I have three heads and not helping.
      I have the original games, and even the original boxes, but what I did was nothing short of stupid.
      Back when I played these games, I had a filing cabinet next to my desk. In this second drawer was all of my game manuals, walkthroughs hints cheats what ever.. Great back then, but not so great right now. Over the years, I was not really using the manuals anymore, so in an absent minded move, my wife asked me if she could toss some of the stuff in the cabinet. Well, not being in there for years, I said sure. (Ya know, you never really are sure of a big mistake just until the absolute first second you can no longer do anything to stop it)
      So, now I have the games. I even have the original boxes, CD materials and everything. Even have a warranty card. God I wonder what would happen if I send this in?!?!?! Haa Haa!
      So, I’m looking for some soul who has maybe scanned these manuals, or anything. As I found out, and had to strain to remember, they are protected by manuals. Thats my problem, no manual anymore. I’m screwed, I just know it. But I’ll still keep the games even though I can’t play them, but becasue they are from Sierra and classics.
      So can anyone help me out with this?!?!?! I’m stuck now.
      Thanks, Tom! 🙂

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      (re: Game Manuals) or use mIRC

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      (re: Game Manuals)

      Hi Tom,

      I’m not sure if you will check this topic again and if you still need the manuals – I have the manual from Shivers 1… If you like – I could scan and send it to you. (It is infact from the “Sierra Originals” series, but I believe that it should be the same as the original game manual – I got the game late and was not able to purchase the first original copy. I found one just 4 years ago and bought it immediately 🙂 So, if you wish – I can send you the manual… Just post a reply here.

      Bye and.. take care 🙂

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