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      Hello everyone,

      I am working with a team of friends in creating a Full Motion Video
      (mostly) adventure game. We are developing a script/screenplay and it looks pretty
      promising. We want the game’s actions to take place in 1st person (so
      when the player has control of the playing character, he/she sees
      through the character’s eyes) and when actions are done, such as
      picking up a bottle or talking to other people, full motion video
      displays the action occurring then.

      Does anyone have any game engine recommendations? I have been looking at AGS
      and Adventure Maker, and both look good, but I don’t know if anyone has
      any other suggestions. Is SLUDGE any good? Anything else? Something
      that is fairly popular so it would be fairly easy to get support/forums, is
      cheap or free, and requires little scripting knowledge?

      I have worked fluently with video and editing, so everything that will
      be prepared ‘before’ placing into the game engine is pretty well
      covered, but working with a specific game engine is what I’m worried
      about, any help would be great!


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      I suggest posting the question with the programmers on .  You can look into the link for Jeff Tunnell on ‘Cool Sierra Links’ above.  He has created the torque engine.  KQIX has been using that engine and there is a link to them as well. 

      You can look into ‘Code4fun’ and game developement on the microsoft web page.  They have a series using DirectX and I think C# or Visual Basic.  It is a 3D tank game.

      Maya (expensive), OpenGL, Macromedia Flash…

      The above Are NOT suggestions based on experience.  I only wish I could get into game developement so I have been looking around.  Good luck on your project.  Maybe we will see you back to create an old Sierra style game.

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