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      After many unsuccesful attempts to get GB1 running both stable and with voices on XP, I know have it running on DOSemu/Linux with voices and half-way stable. Some crashes seem to stem from the x86 IRET-“bug”, but I also get errors internal to the game:

      >We’re sorry, you have encounted an internal game error.
      >Please restart your game and restore a saved game.
      >If you have continuing problems, please report the following
      >information to Sierra Customer Service:
      >Error Number: 135

      Unfortunately the game’s source code wasn’t included on the CD-ROM, so for me this error message isn’t of great use. But perhaps someone here had the same problem, and has found a solution?

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      Sorry, I don’t have an answer for that specific issue. But there is a fan-made patch out for GK1 that solves many (if not all) of the issues this game has with XP. You probably won’t be able to use your saves once you apply it, but if you can’t find a way around this bug that doesn’t matter so much. 🙂 Anyway, here’s the link if you’re interested: 

      The one you want is the Gabriel Knight XP installer.


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      thanks, i’ll have a try

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