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      I have a few points to make, and a couple questions, bear with me, this is important….

      I bought the gabriel knight collection/mysteries a few years ago (when being sold retail) to play the beast within, having already finished sins of the fathers and not getting hold of beast within by itself.

      The 6 discs seemed to be okay, but as I got into the game, I made my way to disc 3. The disk appeared odd before I inserted it into my computer, not scratched, but the silver let off an odd reflection-like coloration–it was strange.

      Well, the disc, of course, did not read and the game, if disc three on occassion did mount and run, the graphics were very scratchy and shotty, and no movement could be made by gabriel.
      I talked to Sierra and they sent me a new collection of disks (again this is also quite a few years ago) but disc 3 did not work in that collection either.

      Now, in 2004, I decided to get back out the gabriel knight games…I am about to beat Sins of the Fathers and would like to play and for the first time finish beast within.

      So my question to you all: Has anyone else had a problem with beast within’s disc three in the gabriel knight collection? I am about to install beast within, but don’t want to be stalled by disc 3 again. I don’t want to sound “illegal” but I honestly own the game: I would like to get hold of JUST disc three and burn it onto a “healthy” CD and get back to playing gabriel knight beast within again, I haven’t been able to finish the game!!!

      Any help at all would be appreciated, even if anyone knows of a similar case I would like to hear, thank you very much in advance!!!!


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      Did you ever figure out your problem? Did you ever get a copy of Disc 3 from someone else?

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