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      A while ago now, I created English subtitles for Gabriel Knight 2, the only game in the series that lacks subtitles.

      Since I don’t know anything about programming etc, I used a
      pre-existing patch created by a guy called ‘kelmer’ which introduced
      Spanish subtitles to the game. What I did was remove the Spanish lines
      and replace them with English lines I got from watching the game videos
      and writing down what was being said. This means there might be some
      errors here and there, but I think it’s pretty good overall.

      And now, a guy called ‘Collector’ from some cool GK forums has
      created a very nice installer for the patch. It now works for both the
      Windows and DOS versions (used to only work for the Windows version).

      It now also supports the deinterlacing patch (included in the installer he created).

      You can get it here –

      Here is what it looks like (ignore the thing about only working in
      the Windows version, that was before he created this installer.. I’ll
      fix it using annotations later) –

      Was a lot of work but I think it was worth it… pretty happy with the results overall.

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      Wow, thanks for the subtitle pack guys, awesome work!

      Downloading it now 🙂

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