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      Dear Ken & Roberta,
      It’s so great to have this website back up. Like millions around the world must also feel, I’ve been a life-long fan (almost 23 years now, minus about the first 8 I suppose) of adventurers like King Graham, Roger Wilco, QFG’s Hero, and of course all the rest of Sierra’s creations. To me, these games of Sierra’s are not just games. They are art, in every possible sense of the word. As such, they must be preserved, shared, re-told – they must continue to live. This website is part of that celebration and preservation, but I hope it will also give re-birth, in any way, to the worlds and universes you have created. Certainly, I will contribute as much as I can to this place.
      Have you ever considered writing (or more accurately, assembling) a book? Gathering images, stories, everything you can from your personal collection and from those who shared the golden days of Sierra with you? I’m really into books – they are wonderful archives of imagry and knowledge, sturdier, more magical, and more timeless than any other medium in this digital age. I would really encourage you to consider if this could be done. I certainly enjoyed seeing Sierra well-represented in the recent book “High Score!”
      Sincerely, Brandon Klassen.
      British Columbia, Canada

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      (re: From a life long fan) I have a whole garage full of stuff from the old days. I’m in Mexico now, but when I get back to Seattle I’ll start scanning stuff. I don’t think there would be enough interest to ever do a book, but I definitely have some very interesting surprises..
      PS No promises on timing. My son Chris has about a zillion boxes piled on top of my boxes, so until he gets an apartment it’s not clear I can find anything.

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      (Ken’s garage) Wow, that is just unbelievably cool.
      <envisioning garage…>
      Looking forward to whatever you can post, whenever you get a chance to do it. Will also look forward to Jouke’s return.
      If you don’t think there’s enough interest for a book, maybe something less official could be assembled. A PDF book perhaps. Check out the article I put into PDF in the KQ area. Hmm…
      <Brandon moves to Seattle to help Ken sort through his garage>
      EDIT: Oh, and by the way, if when you get into your garage, if you happen to find duplicates of anything, you know, design documents, old issues of the newsletter, remember us fans 🙂

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