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      How are you? Japan is another world and an extraordinary culture.
      I wish to translate into French 1) Space Quest 1 VGA, 2) Quest 3 VGA police, 3) Leisure Suit Larry 1 VGA, 4) Quest Of Glory 1 VGA and 5) Quest Of Glory 4 VGA.
      I have: SCI Studio, Tradsci 2.2, FotoSCIhop et TraduSCI 1.1.2.
      SCI Studio :
      Qog1Vga          no
      Qog4VGA        no
      Lsl1Vga            no
      Lsl casino          no
      Pq3VGA           no
      Sq1VGA           no

      TraduSCI 1.1.2 :
      Qog1Vga            yes
      Qog4VGA          no
      Lsl1Vga              no
      Lsl casino            no
      Pq3VGA            no
      Sq1VGA            no

      Tradsci 2.2 :
      Qog1Vga           yes
      Qog4VGA         no
      Lsl1Vga             no
      Lsl casino           no
      Pq3VGA            no
      Sq1VGA            no

      FotoSCIhop :
      Qog1Vga          no
      Lsl1Vga            no
      Lsl casino          no
      Pq3VGA           no
      Sq1VGA           no
      I cannot translate the games because none of this software work.
      I writes you to wonder of the help. I am not a computer specialist and nor a programmer. I am only a fan of these games.
      Can you say to me if there is a software to export and import all the texts, fonts and views to translate?
      It is not for a commercial purpose, I shall give him free of charge the patch to a site of old games: “LTF abandonware France”. As I made him for: The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Serrated. So that the other French players discover these games.
      I hope to receive good news of your part.
      Cordially Hervé.

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