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      I have always felt like part of the Sierra family, even though I was only two when the company was started in 1979.  I grew up on your games.  The Space Quest series being my favorite, I looked forward to every new release of Sierra adventure game and held my breath during each installation, floppy after floppy, all those Christmas mornings!  A large part of who I am today is a result of the wonderful games you and the rest of the Sierra team created.  I have frequently sat around with my brother and sister simply reminiscing on our favorite parts of the games.  Far from rushing through these adventures, we puzzled over how to solve different obstacles, sometimes for weeks!  It was a very rare day when our father would log on to the Sierra Bulletin Board to give us an answer to something we had been struggling with for months (who knew that “Say the Word” literally meant that I should actually type “SAY THE WORD” to the little Pinkunz creature in order to leave the canyon!!?  I must have typed every variation of “Let’s go.” on that one before my dear father took pity!).  Well, I just wanted to say thank you.  Your dedication to providing these detail-rich and amazing games is a quality that is hard to find today.  I hope to one day show my kids these games, and let them discover on their own the magical universes within. 

      Thank you so very much,

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