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      Prediction: this will be a meandering post.

      As far as I can remember, Sierra games were the games that I played the most, once my family bought a home computer. I recall my first computer games being Sierra, I can’t remember which one, but Space Quest VGA or QFG 1 VGA. I didn’t know it then, but I was hooked.

      Of course, there were some games that I played at the library that I didn’t know were sierra until much later.

      There is a magic about those games that I will never forget, from taking a Hero fresh out of a school for heroes and rummaging through a small valley containing Spielburg, wandering monsters, a hut with chicken legs and a band of brigands (three comical ones come to mind), to watching a space janitor with a knack for finding trouble and falling on his face so fast, he managed to avoid everything aimed at his head.

      Sitting in awe as the royal family of Daventry made their way through mythological challenges that captured the imagination, in particular, the prince’s journey to the green isles and his quest to re-unite the squabbling islands and see his true love.

      And the adventures of Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest. How he helped the peasantry against the sheriff’s men, sought after his romance with Maid Marian, and tried to win the ransom for his King.

      I have encountered only a few other games that caught my attention like Sierra’s games. The only other two that come to mind are Privateer and Morrowind, and neither have that… spark that Sierra put into it’s games.

      I bought the games when I could, having always regretted passing up Conquests of Camelot, and when the collections came out, I leaped. Now my Sierra gaming is limited to my pitiful attempts to run classics on Windows machines that don’t do what I want them too. I still valiantly make efforts to run the Quest for Glory series. *G*

      I remember playing through Kings Quest 1-4 with the express goal of typing with the proper hand positions. I had taken a typing class and knew I wouldn’t use the stuff otherwise.

      I think I’m out of steam. I apologize for the length, but I never really showed how much I appreciated what you used to do, Ken, besides buying your products of course, and I wanted to say something about it after stumbing across this site.

      -David H

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      (re: Fond Memories)
      Thank you! (although — to be honest, 99% of the work was done by my team, not me.)
      I used to have a quote on my wall, that I’ve unfortunately lost, and forgotten. It was from Walt Disney when someone asked him what he did. He responded something like: Well, I don’t draw the cartoons, I don’t write the scripts, I don’t act, direct or write music. My job is to just keep things moving (or, something like that – and, he said it about a million times better – maybe someone out there has the correct quote)

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