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      Okay there’s been talking about this subject here, let me explain something so i hope things get a little bit clearer.
      first of all vivendi has stoped producing and selling the old sierra games, so why not cash in on those rights and sell them, the money is no problem for us,but whatever we would have to pay for it, in the end we must play even or profit from it. the reason why we want to do this is to give the games a worthy ending or more… but keep in mind, only the original creators can make a game succeed otherwise like the movies, you will get a original feature and bad adaptions! the reason why we posted here is that we want to look if the feel and love is there from you to buy those games and wich one.we are not from another planet and from wathever outcome it’s fair that 50% of it will obtain the games for free through P2P, but our strategy will be “less is more” meaning if you sell the game on a very reas. price more people are pushed over the edge to buy it, keep in mind that were not talking about $50 but more over millions and overall the original designers would like to see their paychecks too! we know there’s been a lot of talking about restarting the projects, but mostly the web based material aim evereytime at vivendi but we think it’s clear enough that this is false hope, (read the article in premiere magazine the one with keanu reeves on front cover about vivendi, as we read it , it’s tossed around by different corp. heads)
      anyway we hope to get a clear picture on this from you guys (also designers please react to this) so that iff the odds are good we can give it a go!


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      (What do you need?) This is so exciting. Alhough I’ve been told not to get to excited about this thing, I just can’t help it.
      My question now is this: What kind of answer do you need? I mean, if on this forum you ask like “do you guys want an new KQ, SQ,LSL or whatever produced?”, then there will be, so I hope, no one on this site to answer no, since essentially this is what this whole thing is about. If what you are looking for is an approximate number of potetial buyers someone should bring this up on the Sierra-Ring, like the links in the sites listed in the “cool sierra links” section. I am quite sure that the feedback will be amazing.
      Well, let us know how we can help…

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