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      If I understand the current PC game market, most games are expected to be 3D. The exception I see is that online, they can be made in Flash, which at the moment has poor 3D support, so most of the games are 2D. Has anyone here considered making a Flash game themselves? I don’t think Flash gaming is a fad (or at least, a short-term fad) so I suspect it could be even stronger in about 5 years. If anyone has a different take on it, or would like to expand the discussion, please do! I’m not afraid of other opinions.

      In 2003 I wrote a small game ( http://www.cancergame.org ) which we did in Macromedia Director/Shockwave format. The site gets about 1,000 uniques a month right now, but only about 250 players. If you’re familiar with the plug-in market, you’ll realize this ratio is about the same of computers with/without Shockwave plug-in. I think if we had designed the game in Flash, we’d have 2-3 times as many players… right now about 75% of the people get ticked off because they have to “download something” just to play a game, and we all know how that goes…


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