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      Greetings once again, fellow Sierra fans!

      I have finally made a degree of progress on the new site.  My main goal the past
      few days has been to simply get the content of the current site ported directly over
      to the new system.  If you want to see what it looks like, go to the following
      address: .  Now, if you go to it, I’m sure you’ll have a
      few questions and concerns, so let me talk about some things that might answer
      most of what you might ask about.

      1) Not everything has been ported over yet.  The bulk of non-message board
          content has, though.
      2) The layout and look for the new site comes from one of the pre-existing
          templates available on the new system.  Eventually, there will be a custom
          template created for the site, and thus, a custom look.  For now, though, I
          think everyone would be more interested in seeing the site finally moved
          over to the new system.
      3) Though the site may not look super special right now, I’m sure you’ll find
          that it definitely looks cleaner and more modern than the current site.
      4) Registration is active on the new site, as well as signing in and message
          board posting, but I would like to ask that no one register or post on the
          new site yet.  Ken said it might be possible to copy the old board
          messages to the new site, and I’m waiting to see if it’s possible to move
          all the registrations to the new site as well.
      5) If it ends up not being possible to move the old board messages to the
           new system, I will make text copies of all the board messages and
           place them on a special page on the new system for perusal.  After all,
           I’m trying to keep a history of the site as well as a history of Sierra. 🙂
      6) As far as I can tell, the only pages on the site that haven’t been ported
          over to the new system yet are ‘Newest Forum Messages’, ‘Live Chat’,
          ‘Mailing List’, ‘My Account’, and ‘Stats’.  These features may or may
          not appear in some form on the new system in the future.  They are a
          very low priority right now, though, and aren’t strictly necessary for the
          running of the site.
      7) Aside from those pages mentioned in #6, as well as all the message
          board messages, if anyone notices any missing page, feel free to write
          me and tell me.  I may have skipped over something by accident.

      If you have any further questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to
      write to the board or to me personally.  I will answer to the best of my
      ability. 🙂  In the meantime, PLEASE, go check out the site as it currently
      exists on the new system! 🙂  Just remember that it’s only in a basic form
      for now, but it won’t be that way forever.

      I will keep you all up to date as much as I can as I do stuff.


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      I know that there is much to do and things like updating the Links page is low priority, but I noticed that The Sierra Help Pages is not listed. SHP is the largest classic Sierra game tech site on the net. In fact, if you Google “Sierra help” the first 7 hits go to my site. You can find all of the official game patches, utilities, my new XP Collections patches and installers that I wrote that automatically install and setup your old Sierra games to run in DOSBox. It has a ton of information and resources to get almost any classic Sierra game to run on modern machines. “Qbix”, one of the two main authors of DOSBox has described SHP as informative and fun. He is also a member of the SHP forums.

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      Actually, no, the links page is not low priority.  That’s going to be one page I’ll try to maintain as
      frequently as possible (adding new links and such).  In fact, I went ahead and added the Sierra
      Help Pages to the Link list on the new site. 🙂  Thanks for telling me!


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      BTW, thank you for going to the new site and commenting on the blog.  At least the
      comments work. 🙂  Have you tried signing in to the new site?  I’m just curious.  In
      any case, I’m also going to add the Sierra Forums site to the link page on the new
      site, as well.


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      It did allow me to login.

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      Ah!  Good to hear!  I had a feeling they would.  There was no reason
      they shouldn’t, but it’s still nice to hear that the accounts move
      happened just fine.


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      Without any threads in the new forums, yet, I can’t see if it still has the same annoyance I have with these forums. When displaying a message in Firefox, you cannot select any text in the message body. You can in IE, but not in Firefox. Usually this is not much of an issue, but occasionally I want to copy text in the message, like when a link is displayed as just text and not a hyperlink. The only way to copy the address is to retype it or to turn off the Javascript.

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      I know exactly what you mean!  Not being able to copy text on these old message boards
      can be very frustrating.  I don’t like using IE, so I never tried it.  In any case, though, I get
      the feeling that the new system will be different.

      And see?  I like messages like this. 🙂  It may not end up that the new site will have this
      problem, but I greatly appreciate messages like this so I can be aware of stuff that I
      may not have noticed.  Thank you for sending it!

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      I don’t know if the new board can support it, but something that I miss from other boards, like phpBB and Invision, is a “Go to first unread post” icon for threads. The current board has it so that you can have all new messages merged together in reverse order, but this mixes up all the threads and you have to read posts backwards.

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