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      Hi Ken,

      I am a 31 year old screenwriter from Wellington, New Zealand.  I have fond memories of playing Police Quest II on my Amiga 500 as a kid.  The series later had a profound effect on my imagination as a writer.

      You may have been asked this question before, but I just wanted to check do you know who was the film rights to Police Quest 1, 2, 3 and Open Season?

      I think the first four entries in the Police Quest series are fantastic cop stories in themselves and wanted to know in the first instance if you’d be interested in collaborating with me (perhaps as a mentor or even co-writer) to adapt these games into screenplays?   I know a lot of Hollywood adaptations tend to veer off the track, however I’d be keen to set these stories in their original time periods to preserve the realism, authenticity and humor from the original games.

      Look forward to hearing from you

      Keep up the great work on this website!

      Best regards
      David Morrah

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      I’m not sure who owns the rights to Police Quest. My guess would be “Activision”, but I’m not sure. Our contract with developers was very all-encompassing, so my guess is that I did obtain the movie rights, but I don’t have copies of the contracts anymore.

      As to my involvement — sorry, no time to focus on anything.

      Overall, unless you get lucky, and someone at Activision decides to work with you, I suspect you would be wasting your time.

      -Ken W

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