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      I’ve just opened my new game collecting site, Synchronic Web – Fantasy Adventures: 

      Featuring a “complete” Sierra collector’s guide:
      – Games: Adventure, RPG, arcade, action, educational and other games
      including all of their currently known box/release variations
      – Programs
      – Hint Books
      – Catalogs
      – Posters, etc.

      And Sierra museum with front/back scans of game boxes/items in my collection.

      The site also features LucasArts, Tolkien, Ultima, AD&D, SSI fantasy,
      Indiana Jones, Electronic Arts, Finnish etc. game collector’s guides
      and scans of game boxes/items/posters etc. in my collection.

      There’s also a prototype box art page (f.ex. the alternative King’s Quest 4 cover),
      page about game box cover artists, and game buying/trading/selling.

      This kind of site is of course under constant
      development so there will be updates often.

      (Some of you might be familiar with my old site that had this stuff,
      but now it’s all reorganized and conveniantly at it’s own page like this,
      so it’s easier to browse, view and enjoy.)

      PS. It’d be great if this could be added under Cool Sierra-links, thanks.
      (The submit-link there hasn’t worked with me: 
      – it gives “500 Internal server error”.

      PS2. Direct link for Fantasy Adventures, if .TK happens to be down sometimes: 

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      That submit link was just supposed to lead to this forum anyway, so you’re in the right place. The way pages are called has changed from time to time so I’ll have to update that. I’ll add your link to the listings. Great site, with lots of info. It will certainly be useful as we get our archival projects around here launching (more details to come about that later on). What I also find cool about your site is that it’s not just Sierra stuff. You have tons of cool stuff about other computer games / companies.

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      Link added.

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