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      I have many new sealed sierra classics on ebay. No reserve!

      Check them out here:


      Thanks for looking.

      Sierra game auctions

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      (re: FA: Many new sealed sierra classics for sale) Wow! Some great sealed items. Thanks for the heads up.

      Brandon – sealed games. I can hear your mouth watering. Be careful though – some of them are Slash releases.


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      (re: re: FA: Many new sealed sierra classics for sale)

      Before bidding on these items, please review the sellers feedback. It appears as though most of his 71 positive feedbacks were provided by a small handful of buyers and sellers. Would you please offer an explanation for this before we place bids on your merchandise?

      No offense to the seller, but I have been burned on Ebay repeatedly when it comes to classic video and computer games. Also, for some reason classic Sierra game collectors are being preyed upon:


      UPDATE: Over 90 positive feedback ratings were left by the same seller in the course of 15 minutes on April 9th. Most of them are identical.

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      (re: re: re: FA: Many new sealed sierra classics for sale)

      They are all from the same buyer – but its a load of different PC Engine games and things that he’s bought.

      You don’t seriously think he made up that other guys shop with all those elaborate Web graphics for every item so he could rip of Sierra enthusiasts for $10 games do you? It would’ve taken days to set that stuff up.

      It just looks like he bought a pants-load of PC Engine stuff and the seller went in and copy and pasted all his feedbacks, as most bulk sellers would.

      Its good to be cautious though – but this situation looks fine – I’ve seen lots of other sellers like that too, who do things in bulk – to save on international shipping costs.

      And, saying that classic Sierra game collector’s are being preyed upon is not entirely correct – I just bought every single Sierra talkie game plus a few Dynamix games from Ebay, all in similar deals (new, sealed etc) from Israel, Holland, England and the States and every single transaction went smoothly and quickly without a problem. I would recommend this as the best way of getting Sierra CD games from my experiences.

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      (re: re: re: re: FA: Many new sealed sierra classics for sale)

      I’m glad you’ve had positive experiences. Mine have been horrible, and I’m not alone – see the link I included in my original post and follow the link on that page to the Infocomm collector’s page.

      I try to be trustworthy, but the feedback rang alarm bells in my head. You’re probably right, though. Most likely the guy is on the level.

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      (re: re: re: re: re: FA: Many new sealed sierra classics for sale)

      I myself have never been cheated when buying games online… And I’ve bought quite a lot of games over the internet, nearly 30. Many from my own country, but also a couple from abroad.

      J. Wooten: I read the page you linked to… Interesting. I think, however, I myself wouldn’t have trusted anyone writing emails like that and asking such ridiculous prices for old games.

      I think I should say that I have also bought two games from a guy in Israel in the past, and they were both in perfect condition. I’m talking about Conquest of Camelot and Colonel’s Bequest here. The boxes are still in great shape, and all the extras are present, undamaged.

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      (re: FA: Many new sealed sierra classics for sale) One question: How many people, 10-15 years ago, purchased computer games and left them unwrapped? How many warehouses are there full of old, collectable games sitting around? I can’t believe there are that many.

      I’ve been ripped off repeatedly by sellers using the same tactic – they advertise used games that have been re-shrink wrapped as new. I collect older games, but I always hold out for new games because I want pristine compact discs or floppies and all of the original material included.

      Many times when I’ve purchased “new” games at sometimes inflated prices I get the game in the mail, unwrap the shrink wrap and discover a disc scratched all to hell and missing documentation. If I confront the seller I usually get one of two responses. A) He/she claims that he purchased the game from someone else and it was already shrink wrapped, or B) Tough luck.

      If I leave negative feedback I either get negative feedback in return or a bogus report turned over to Ebay. One woman two years ago claimed I “threatened” her in email after I left negative feedback for selling me a repackaged game that was used. My threat, word-for-word? “If the game is not in new, pristine condition as described I will expect a refund.” Despite the fact that this woman couldn’t produce a single threatening email and refused to refund my payment when she was clearly in the wrong, Ebay sided with her and threatened to suspend me. I quit Ebay instead and didn’t use it for years.

      I think many, many collectors don’t even realize this because they leave many of their collectible games in the shrinkwrap. If they actually unwrapped some of them, they’d be in for a shock.

      If I purchase a game online, I make sure the seller has a clean feedback record and I make sure I protect myself through Paypal. I don’t apologize for asking questions of a seller, especially when they have a large selection of games, all new, advertised at the same time.

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      (re: re: re: re: re: re: re: FA: Many new sealed sierra classics for sale)

      My angle is only buying Sierra games to actually play them – and all the CD’s I have received have worked – so I’m happy.

      Its a lot different if you’re actually collecting the games and their original boxes and materials – I can imagine it would be a frustrating experience.

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