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      Due to unforseen circumstances, a leak from Deshrill’s (responsible for adventuregamers.com satirical press release entitled “Habriel Dwight: Sins of the Schatenhummerfettenskrieger”) “GK Tribute Montage” (GK standing for the Gabriel Knight series of adventure games designed by Jane Jensen) has found its way onto the Net. When asked for his feelings on the issue, Deshrill became a little bit nervous: “Gee, I don’t really know what the reaction is going to be… This is my first time messing around with audio to arrange existing music. My primary duties were to punch up the score emotionally by adjusting fade levels and my secondary duties were to use fades to make smooth transitions. I hope reaction is good.” Any if it’s not? Deshrill shrugged. “Gee, I’m not sure… Must be more flipping burgers for me, then…” He shrugged towards his lone seaweed hut on the Isle of Woz, searching for the one thing that brought him solace: His soul. Through complex Internet search engines, our sources have discovered the leak of the audio for the GK Tribute project. It runs approximately one minute and features varied musical styles such as African Tribal Beats, the Russian National Anthem performed by a choir of children, and selections from some classic jazz riffs. Our sources note that the arranger’s inspirations were Basil Paleodouris, James Horner, and Danny Elfman. Although GK Tribute is a fan project, the rumored audio quality of the minute excerpt is surprisingly decent. The Audio sample of GK Tribute has been located. Please click on the link below to retrieve the one minute MP3 excerpt and post comments below for feedback, as always. LINK: http://studentpages.scad.edu/~mtschi20/sample_gk_tribute_suite.mp3  Online Portfolio– http://tschirgi.20m.com  __________________ “How many good books suffer neglect through the inefficiency of their beginnings!” –Edgar Alan Poe
      Pictures of medieval German Knights.

      This picture is reportedly used in the GK Tribute Project, which has not seen release yet.

      Leaked GK Tribute MP3 Sample

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