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      It’s amazing of the evolution that is happening in games. We’re at the crossroads of a new generation, and are moving away from the old concepts.

      Perhaps all that is lacking in gaming is the new, while calling it old. (Like the Sierra VGA games of ’91 being very new, yet, it was good ol’ Sierra.) Actually, I think that’s Sierra’s finest hour . . . the era of everybody having a Sierra game.

      I have also noticed that this site has calmed down from two weeks ago. Sure did like all of the gossip and input from all of the old fans. Please, keep sharing ideas. The web has very little BBS sites like this, and too many fancy sites.

      Finally, I think VU Games is doin’ alright for what they have. Though I’m not in the know about what the political structure is, I’ve bought many games (No Lives Forever, Counter-Strike, SWAT 3, The Hobbit) and have been very happy as a gamer. Maybe it’s a sell-out, maybe I don’t demand much to occupy me in gaming. Pick one (I won’t). I know the money isn’t there and people lost their jobs, but Japan’s in a depression, we and Europe are in a recession and on the verge of new governments, and the rest of the world is just the rest of world. I don’t think that there’s been economic times this challenging since the era of gaming begun in ’71 or ’68 (depending if you start the age at Computer Space or at the release of the Odyssey 1).

      Take care all.

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