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      The Empire Earth series was a series made by Sierra Entertainment, Mad doc software, Vivendi universal, Gamespy, Bink video and Miles sound system. The series contains three games and two expansions. EE1, EE1 the art of conquest, EE2, EE2 the art of supremacy and EE3. The Sierra games page on this website seems to have forgotten the entire series even though Sierra was the main developer! The last of the games, EE3 was announced in 2007 and the game series has gained a lot of awards. Has anyone in here heard about or played any Empire Earth game? personally i have the entire series and it is my favourite game series!

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      Keep in mind that this site is Ken Williams’ site. While he is the founder of Sierra On-line, the company was sold in the mid to late ’90s. What he thinks of as a Sierra game is what he had a hand in in someway or another. Empire Earth post dates this era. By the time that VU came along, Sierra was little more than a publishing house. Chainsaw Monday, the true death of Sierra, was in 1999. Just about the last game was Gabriel Knight.

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      EE1 was made before 1999

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      The first Empire Earth was released on November 13 2001, long after Ken and Roberta, had anything to do with Sierra any more. I’m sorry but, given that this is the Williams’ Sierra site, only the Sierra titles they were involved in are covered on Sierra Gamers. I can recommend you a site that is specialized in Empire Earth though and even support online gameplay: http://www.save-ee.com/

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      Yeah, I have very fond memories of Empire Earth series, being a bit of a strategy geek and all. But still I prefer AOE, if I had to pick one :).

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      Petición de Change.org para pedir a la renovada Sierra Entertainment que relancen sus juegos míticos. Por favor, firmad y difundid. Compartidlo con todos.


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