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      I’m aware of Apple II emulators for the PC, but didn’t realize they were also available for the Mac. Cool!
      A few years back, I downloaded all of the old Sierra games for the Apple II and an emulator – including Timezone. I played several, but quickly discovered how bad they were. They were great at the time, but, that was 25 years ago, and computers have come a LONG way.
      I just searched Google trying to find where to download the games. The copies I have are sitting on my backup drive in Seattle, and I’m presently in Mexico (where I’ll be through May). I couldn’t find them, but strongly suspect they are out there somewhere. My guess is that someone will respond to this post with a link telling us both where they are.
      Enjoy! And, thanks for writing.
      -Ken W
      From: John R. Ellegard
      Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 2004 4:56 PM
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      Subject: hate to bother you, but…
      mr. williams-
      i hate to bother you with this request, but i just have to try. when i was 11 years old i was lucky enough to have a father that purchased an Apple ][ for my birthday – needless to say it was and still is the best present i have ever received. i ended up getting a game for it sometime later called Mystery House, and i was hooked from then on. sometime later i saved up all my hard earned pennies to buy the grand daddy of all adventure games – “Time Zone”. i believe i paid $75.00 for it and waited for the game to arrive via mail order. my brother and i couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw all of this discs (i believe there were 10 of them total). we played that game for months and loved EVERY second of it.
      you’re probably thinking to yourself, “yeah, yeah, get to the point already”. i have a PowerMac G5 these days and have been playing around with some of the different apple ][ emulators, longing to be 12 years old again playing the truly classic games like choplifter, wizardry, time zone etc… i was hoping you might be able to help direct me. i desperately would like to be able to play time zone again. could you please give me some direction as to how to go about trying to obtain a copy of this game as well some of the king’s quest adventures. any help you could provide would be greatly appreciate mr. williams. i have to say that what you and your wife created all those years at Sierra was nothing short of amazing. you provided a lot of people with a lot of enjoyment and i hope you are now doing something that provides you some enjoyment. anxiously awaiting your response….
      john r ellegard

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      (RE: hate to bother you, but…)


      Are you asking about knowing any sites that contain some old Sierra
      Classics, or emulators?

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      (Re: RE: hate to bother you, but…)


      I’m trying to get a good Apple IIe emulator myself, I have an old
      Electrifying Adventures game I’m trying to get working. I’ve tried some
      emulators but they don’t seem to work right…

      Ah well, good luck finding the old Sierra games! 🙂

      B ^ )

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      (RE: hate to bother you, but…) I was looking for sites that have old Sierra Classics, not emulators.

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      (RE: hate to bother you, but…) has some emulators on their sites they host.

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