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      Link: http://www.sierragamers.com/bbs.asp?msgId=48959(http://www.sierragamers.com/bbs.asp?msgId=48959) 

      Oops. Somehow I overwrote Johann de Waal’s original post editing mine (which was the second reply).

      I *think* I just hit the “change” link over my post, but I’m not 100% sure anymore.

      Johann’s original post was “I don’t remember clearly where I originally downloaded this from. It might have been the Sierra Classics site when they still offered classic Sierra games for download. The files are dated 1989. Now what I’d like to know is: Who made this? Why did they make it? How was it originally distributed? If anyone out there can answer these questions, it would be a great help!”

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      (re: Editing reply overwrites original message) Strange. I’ll leave it for a couple days in case the tech guys get a chance to look at it, and then I’ll edit the posts and clean it up.

      Brandon ~ SierraGamers.com admin team ~

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