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      Hi Ken,

      Thanks for an exhillerating adoption of forest and myth.

      We are in great debt to you and I wish to express my gratitude and admiration of your contribution to new forms of poetry. Plainly speaking: Please sponsor us if you so wish, we’ve just had a four month liason with an investor who backed out because he doesn’t know anything about computer games. Our needs are very small and we have no intention of profiting greatly from this because we strongly believe that art and big money doesn’t match really well. We’re just opening a kind of a restaurant which serves a kind of food based on some old recipies we found in a wizards lab.

      Link: http://www.dramaticjavagames.com(http://www.dramaticjavagames.com) 

      The server is down right now.

      Best regards

      Morten Hjerl-Hansen

      CEO Dramatic Java Games

      Our site

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