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      Hey everyone! I’ve got a question for you and I’m curious if anyone knows the answer. As I’ve been working on my Sierra timeline, I’ve come across several games that I can’t verify even exist. Knowing some of the rarities of some Sierra games (heck, I just found another one today!) I was wondering if anyone can verify the existence of the following:

      Playboy Date Book (1993)
      Sierra’s Quest for Adventure (1991)
      Family Games Pack (1992)
      Eat My Dust (1997)
      After Dark Looney Tunes (1998)
      Freestyle XS Motocross (1998)
      Field & Stream Trophy Bear Hunter (1999)
      Pro Pilot 2000 (1999)
      100 Years of Field & Stream (2000)

      Any help that you could provide would be great! Talk to you later!


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      Hey! I have AfterDark Looney Tunes! I’m holding the CD in my hand as we speak..

      But it’s meant for Windows 3.1 and won’t run on XP.. it’s a GREAT screensaver though.

      It’s actually an Animated Screen Saver by Berleley Systems, made back in 1995. I don’t know if it’s related to Sierra though 🙁

      -The Avatar

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