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      I don’t want to get too personal and ask if they did, but I was just curious. Did any of your kids get into the game design business? I seem to remember one of your kids wrote several articles in the late InterAction magazine that were pretty decent.

      Or was what Mom and Dad did for a living not their cup of tea?

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      (re: Did your kids ever get into game design?) Our oldest son DJ has no interest in the games business – he decided to become a chef, and is doing very well at it. To be precise: he’s currently a sous-chef at a hot new restaurant (called Cinch) in Santa Monica Ca.
      Our younger son, Chris, used to travel with me to Japan, where we had an office, and decided that he wanted to live in Japan. He spent four years there going to college, and sees his long-term goal as to be a film maker of Japanese animated films; Anime. Chris’ website is
      Link: http://www.aahz.com(http://www.aahz.com) 
      Chris is also a VERY talented software engineer and game designer. He worked for a while for Electronic Arts on games, and is currently working for a cell phone game company called Dwango – but, moving to Japan soon to work for a company there that I don’t know much about.
      -Ken W

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