Did sierra publish or develop any title to the 8 and 16 bit consoles ?

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      Hello everybody,

      I’m quite interested to know if sierra published or developed  any game for the old
      cartridge based consoles ( before the year 2000)

      like the nes or the snes or the Sega Genesis (including the Sega-cd and the 32X),
      or even the older consoles from the beginning of the 80’s like the Atari 2600 or Atari 5200 or Intellivision or Collecovision, and also more “High-end” consoles of the time like the 3DO and PHILIPS CD-I.

      I know that sierra had published some DOS versions of Game-arts games like Thexder and Silpheed (and I think that the consoles versions  of those games were only available in japan). 

      Thank you for everyone who answers 

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      King’s Quest 5 NES
      King’s Quest 1 Sega Master System
      Willy Beamish Sega CD
      Stellar 7 3DO

      That’s just to name a few off the top of my head.

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      Rise of the Dragon on Sega CD, which is a talkie.

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      Thanks for the answers
      after I read your comments I did some research via youtube. 

      I can’t believe that king’s quest 5 was actually released for the nes
      anyway its nes version looks really inferior to the DOS version
      (It is still an 8 bit console)
      The master system port of king’s quest 1  graphics
      look quite good for an 8 bit console (The DOS SCI remake looks better though).

      anyway the Sega-cd games look really worth checking out especially rise of the dragon (since I’ve never heard about a DOS talkie version of this game), I have seen the Sega-cd games for sale on Ebay 
      and they were not expensive at all. 

      also I must say that
      the 3DO game looks awesome  

      Too bad I don’t own a Sega Master System or a 3DO (Those console were pretty much unheard of were I live)  

      anyway thanks for the information

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