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      I was just playing some Space Quest games off the SQ collection Cd, when I found something really wierd. I was browsing through the CD, and found a video clip titled ‘insidesq’. I played it… and it was among the funniest things I have ever seen. It deals with a newbie reporter going around the Sierra building, interviewing people about Space Quest + Scott Murphy. For those of you whom havent seen it, here are some excerpts.
      “…and ulcer named after scott murphy…”
      “Well I gotta look to find out what they’re like. I got the boxes… they’re awful pretty boxes…”
      Reporter: “Scott Murphy, what would you say is your crowning achievement?” Murphy: “Well I’d have to say… the King’s Quest series! Hahaha.”
      “I’m the attorney hire by Sierra On-Line specifically to handle lawsuits against the Space Quest series. It’s made me a rich woman… You know, one time Ken Williams himself sued us!”
      Bruce Balfour: “Scott Murphy… Scott… Isn’t he the little weasel that always parks in the handicap space?”
      Lori Cole: “Well… we had him over at the house once…” *pair looks nervously at each other* Corey Cole: “Never again.” *the pair pimp their games*
      Interviewee: “I think Ken Williams is a bona-fide genius.” Murphy + Bill: “Security!”

      Just wondering, anything you can say about who made this clip, what happened, etc?

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      (re: Current Inside Copy) This is the first I’ve heard of it….
      It sounds funny though…
      Scott Murphy had a wild sense of humor, and the culture at Sierra was to encourage this sort of off-the-wall humor.
      I know Scott monitors this website – maybe he’ll pitch in some memories.
      -Ken W

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      (re: Current Inside Copy)

      I can upload it if you want to see it Ken.

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      I believe it was Barry T. Smith (did the art for PQ4 amongst other things) who was the reporter and then various people at Sierra did the parts. It’s great, especially the auditioning for the “third guy from Andromeda”.

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