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      Would any of you like to help me get in touch with Sierra.. maybe their community manager or something?

      Here is the short story. I will tell you the long version if you want to laugh at the full account of my misfortune =)

      I play Sierra’s game FreeStyle Basketball. They had a contest where they broke their unwritten rule of GMs never canceling a match against players and excluded my team. Later they say that they will allow my team to participate for one of the teams who didn’t show up and forfeited. Then they change their mind and I am upset. One of their GMs offers to make it up by playing a 1v1 challenge, but he never returns my messages or shows up. I make a post about him punking out and he talks down to me.. it kind of pissed me off because he talked down to me like a child “work with me and I will work with you”, when actually they had every opportunity to try to fix the problem and never did anything. So, I ended up banned for “harassing”, when all I said was a few mild words caught by their filter and BS, which wasn’t. I also said that I am no longer a ~$10/hr customer service worker like him, but when I was a recent college grad doing that work… I did a better job.

      So.. I got a short ban.. no big deal.. but I want to let their community manager (or whoever oversees these GMs) know about how the GMs treat us on this game… How this GM talks about “more creative ways of ticking me off than lying to me” (they totally lied) then I get banned. I am part of a website that runs a league for the game and we do a lot more for the community in terms of events than any Sierra initiative.

      Anyhow… customer service keeps their LA office numbers/email secret and the best I could get off Google was a community guy named Victor who didn’t yet respond to a PM on their official forums.

      It is okay if none of you can help with  this though. It is kind of random that I found this board and I want to say hi to Ken/Roberta! When I grew up I had lots of fun with KQ3 and Space Quest (2 I think).


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