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      Whats the difference between “open disscusion” and “all other sierra chat”? I am thinking they could be condensed into one thread.

      It would be nice to have a dedicated thread for off topic issues and another thread specificly to discuss the gaming industry.


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      (re: Confused: Where should I post general topics?) Open discussion, as it says in the thread, is where emails go that you can email to the board. You can post from the board in here too though. Then, the messages (eventually may) get sorted out into other areas whenever one of the admins have some time.
      “All other Sierra chat” is for anything really. But I’ve been trying to sort it out into other areas, since most of it does belong elsewhere. It’s a bunch of leftovers from a re-arrangement of this site that happened some time ago.
      So really go ahead and post in either of these areas. You can always find your post by using the “New Messages” feature in case we move your post to a different area.
      If you want to talk about the gaming industry, if it relates to Sierra you can put it into one of the areas in the “Games Chat” menu. If it doesn’t relate to a specific Sierra game, you can put it under “Sierra Chat” / “Computer History.”
      There is no off-topic area. There is no reason to have particularly off-topic discussions here. You can go to any other message board / chat room if you just want to chat about anything.

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      (re: re: Confused: Where should I post general topics?)

      Heh, by off topic I did’nt mean chitchat about the weather. I know stuff like that would add to the confusion. What I really meant is can we post about other recent adventure games like “Runaway” or would you all prefer to have every thing specifically sierra related?

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