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      I *highly* doubt you can do anything about this (it’s probably more a problem with my computer than the site itself), but since it happens consistently (and apparently exclusively) with this site, I figured I’d mention it…

      I have a Macintosh PowerPC G4 running OS 9.2.2, with 1 GB of memory. I browse with IE 5.1.4. Sometimes (not always) when I have two browser windows open — one browsing some other site and one to browse this site — my entire computer locks up and I have to do a manual reboot. This *only* happens when I first select my Sierragamers bookmark and the browser window is navigating to the site.

      My mac occassionally locks up when I’m doing other things (like using Quark), but that rarely happens now that the IT dept. bumped up my memory to 1GB. In fact, browsing to this site while I have another browser window open is the only thing that consistently causes this problem.

      Again, it’s probably not *your* problem, but it’s odd to me that it doesn’t happen with any other site…


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