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      Hello everyone,
      I hope i’ll get to know many of you, because im always surrounded by Lucas’ fans(if any adventurer at all), which makes me feel isolated regarding videogame tastes anywhere else, so, well, i actually need you.

      I’ve always loved these games though i must be honest, only the VGA titles. The sentiment might have started when i had an Amiga and they stopped making games for that platform, i fell in love with what I couldn’t have. Or maybe I loved them after, because they were(and still are) too hard for me… I don’t think i ever achieved a full score, i get stuck all the time, i was always forced to use hints from walkthroughs, and i almost always got a sad finale. They attain the charm of an unreachable arrogant deity. Beautiful.

      I think both reasons are true… beside the intrinsical value of these adventures, the non-linear plot progression, day/acts division, multiple endings/puzzles, elements that today would be called sheer avant-garde, elements that sometimes i dare nose inside David Cage’s new titles(such as Heavy Rain). I go as far as allege David Cage may be a Sierra esteemer, i’ve always thought so.

      So the deep personal sentiment plus the above-said values make for an incredibly devoted fan.

      Bye and see you around here 🙂

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