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      This isn’t a timer bug per se. When you and the captain go up on the Bridge, you will die sometime between then and falling back to the CONN. I remember experiencing this same problem on my Tandy 1000 (which was too slow to run it in the first place, making for REALLY long load times when changing screens). I also tried slowdown programs, with no effect.

      As far as I can tell, this is an internal game timer problem, nothing to do with the computer clock.

      Just like on the Tandy, the only solution for me is to set the game on the fastest setting (to get the objects moving as fast as possible) and keep hitting ESC (to slow the timer down as much as possible). This worked for me, but it’s quite annoying. Does anyone else know about this bug? Anyone know if I’m correct in my diagnosis? Anyone know of a permanent fix?


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