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      What ever happend to that small log house in coarsegold California? The trademark of Sierra. Still own it?

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      (re: Coarsegold, Cali) What ever happend to that small log house in coarsegold California? The trademark of Sierra. Still own it?

      The original home of Sierra was our house, on Mudge Ranch Road, in Coarsegold Calif. It’s where the hot tub was located that was featured on one of our boxes, and which featured in Steven Levy’s book Hackers.
      In about 1982, Roberta and I were at a computer festival in San Francisco, at dinner with Steve Wozniak (founder of Apple) when I got a call that our home had burned down. Our kids, and the babysitter, made it out of the house fine, but, the house had burned to the ground. The four hour drive back to Coarsegold that night seemed MUCH longer. We kept calling the kids every few minutes just to reassure ourselves that they really were ok.
      We rebuilt the house, but only lived there another year or so. After the rebuild, it was a much more normal house. It was impossible to give it the same charm as the original. The house was sold to my brother John who lived there for several years.
      -Ken W
      PS It was on this trip to San Francisco that we first met Al Lowe, who became a major part of Sierra and of our personal life for decades to come.

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      You could tell that house had alot of history.. It was everywhere! Game box covers, magazines. It looked like an amazing wood “cabin” house. Sorry about the bad news of it burning down, but glad to hear that everyone was alright when it did.

      I want to buy it 🙂

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      So, is the re-built house still there? Still owned by John? When I was in California earlier this year, I thought about taking a little
      side-trip to Coarsegold and looking for the famed ”Roberta Williams House” and maybe stopping by to ask for a tour. Being that the plan seemed creepy and that Coarsegold was about 3 hours away, I passed.

      If I could buy the house, I would SO totally turn it into a museum and give tours like they do of the Hemmingway House! It would be cool taking a tour group through there, ‘This is the actual table where King’s Quest was written’ and ‘This is the kitchen where Roberta cooked a roast duck casserole which gave her the idea for Mixed Up Mother Goose’ 🙂

      Is that the same house pictured in the Tenth Anniversary catalog where Roberta is sitting in a chair with the dog? There’s also one in the 1991 catalog of her out on the deck with a mist hovering over the lake.


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