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      (This is a new thread which expands on the theme presented in the Cloak: The Naked Mind thread.)

      Cloak is only one of a number of games that was announced in one form or another by Sierra, then never heard from again. This list would include Al Lowe’s Capitol Punishment, the Emmerson Fittipaldi racing game, FEAR, etc.

      In Mr. Williams’s post he says he doesn’t remember it, though knowing the name of the author/designer might help.

      Well I found the following on Randy Littlejohn’s website (

      Cloak: Live-action movie script Writer, live-action Director, managed the integration of live actors into CGI sets, and Sound Designer; First-person adventure game for Sierra FX/ Yosemite Entertainment, Sierra On-Line.

      Echoes: Assistant Designer, Narrative Writer, “Mythologist” for the alien race, Sound Designer, Third-person adventure game for Sierra On-Line, Oakhurst studio.

      It sounds like Cloak was already some way into production when it was canned. But what the heck is Echoes? I’ve never heard of it. Note that it sounds like a typical Sierra third-person point & click adventure game. Might have been good.

      Incidentally, Mr. Littlejohn did camera and lighting on Phantasmagoria, sound design on Lighthouse, and was also Director of Photography on Gabriel Knight 2.

      Hopefully Mr. Williams gets back to us on this growing list of games which never made it to store shelves.

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