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      Hi all,

      I’m Clint from Virginia. Born in ’82, I grew up on Sierra Online adventures (as well as Lucasfilm/LucasArts), with incredibly fond memories of each of them. Between the age of 7 and 15 (’89 to ’97), I played just about every adventure that Sierra made. My first was King’s Quest IV, which I really just watched my mother play, but I first became fascinated with Police Quest 2. We played these games on our Packard Bell 286 PC, which my father upgraded with an EGA graphics card and SoundBlaster at some point.

      I distinctly remember Christmas ’91, when Space Quest IV and Police Quest 3 made their debut. It was a good year for this 9-year old because both of those games, as well as Willy Beamish, made their way under the tree… as well as a new 386 16-MHz machine with a real VGA card! That was pretty much the beginning of it all for me… that computer had Sierra games installed and uninstalled almost constantly for the next four years as birthdays and Christmases brought new adventures to play.

      Obviously, I am very fond of the hours I spent with Sonny, Roger, Graham, Alexander, Willy, Freddy, the Hero, and when I could sneak it in, Larry. Now married with a baby and almost 30 years old, I still take time to load my old favorites into DOSBOX and relive some of the great memories. The soundtracks are also in heavy rotation on my iPod.

      Glad to meet everybody!

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      Welcome to Sierra Gamers, Clint! I enjoy these stories about people playing Sierra games during their childhood and growing up with them. Coincidentally King’s Quest IV was also my first Sierra game.

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