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      For Christmas this year, Adventure Gamers put together a short, free game as a gift for our readers.  It uses AGS and has a lot of adventure game in-jokes.  I thought some of the visitors to this board might enjoy playing it.  🙂  It’s only a 7MB download.

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      Pretty cool Emily! Nice graphics and such, some fun stuff from what I saw – I didn’t play very far. The character speaking font is funky but hard on the eyes, and the player character moves way too damn slow without a speed control! I’m sorry but honestly, with the little time I have, if a game doesn’t include some of the simple things like a speed control I just won’t play it.

      LOL and those walkable areas… 🙂

      Still, very nice.

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      Thanks for the feedback.  🙂  We had to cut some corners to
      get the game done in time for Christmas, but now that we have, there is
      time to iron out some of the bugs and (hopefully) get an update put

      Sorry you didn’t play very far, though, because in my completely biased opinion, the writing is the best part.  *grin*

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      How hard is it to make one of these games?  How long did it take?

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      This game was a group effort that took about 6 weeks to put together
      from start to finish.  I’d recommend anyone who wants to make a
      game NOT try to do it in such a short timeframe. 🙂  As I
      mentioned before, we are going to try to release an updated version
      with some fixes and tweaks within the next few weeks.

      The person who did the programming was already familiar with AGS. 
      I don’t know how much of a learning curve there would be for someone
      who hasn’t used it before.

      If you want to learn more about AGS, you can visit the official website:

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      I downloaded the Christmas Quest.  It took about 22min on Juno’s free dial-up at 5.4 KB/sec.  The math probably doesn’t add up but thats what the Microsoft dialog said. 

      The game was fairly good.  I was able to get the tree standing and opened the Greatest Adventure Game present.  I even got the card stuck under the door.  But, thats where I got stuck in the game.  Did Christmas Quest come with a hint book. : )  The writing for the Dork was very good.  I do see why Sierra used smaller characters.  It feels a little closed-in in that small room.

      Keep up the great work.

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      I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it!  🙂

      The place where you’re stuck is an (intentionally) cliched puzzle that
      has been used in a lot of adventure games.  I think Phantasmagoria
      did it first.  Look inside the keyhole (it’s a little hard to
      find, so keep an eye on the bottom of your screen to see the word
      ‘keyhole’ when your cursor is positioned in the right place). 
      There is something inside the keyhole that you have to get out.

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