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      This was more than a quarter century ago. The world was different then…

      -Ken W

      Electronic Arts is today’s leader through acquisitions in my humble opinion. Would Sierra have been different if it continued to buy up companies, like it did with Dynamix?

      There are other successes; Sims Online and subscription online game companies are doing well. Is it possible for you to continue developing King’s Quest into an online environment — maybe similar to EverQuest — or would you have to start with original characters?

      Also mods are selling well with Counter-Strike a great example. This group of people even have an Elite Language that is commonly referred to as CS speak. The latest and greatest Modern Combat simulator is closely followed, and we’re hoping the same success is to be had with Point of Existence (

      If a mod is downloaded 100,000 times, it should be marketed. This number would change, but let’s recognize successes and exploit them like the movie industry!

      I’m sure people are fond of characters created in past Sierra games, but I also think they would be fine with new characters. Especially if that character becomes your online persona.

      Thank you for your thoughts! 
      aka BL IRL

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