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      Since Sierra (the one we knew) closed some time back, it’s up to the fans to keep the spirit alive.

      One is making a fan sequel to “resolve the loose ends” of the KQ series.

      To celebrate it, I wish to post the song parody here. I showed it to Al Lowe and he loved it!

      I got the idea from watching one of those political flash cartoons.
      Disclaimer: I’m not advocating any particular political view here… whatever views you have are your own decision.

      Anyway, who would’ve thought a political cartoon would’ve inspired a funny song parody to praise King’s Quest?

      So, here it is. Enjoy!

      “It’s Time To Quest Once Again”
      (tune: Timewarp, from the Rocky Horror Picture Show)
      by Danny Wheeler

      inspired by the Presidential Horror Show (political cartoon) at FlowGo.com

      Graham: It’s Astounding;
      The years were fleeting;
      Oh the stories, that were told.
      I’m the monarch…
      Valanice: But for how much longer?
      Graham: I’ve got to keep control.
      I remember the Mask of Eternity’s Breaking
      And good Connor, saved us then.
      He restored it for me.
      Graham and Valanice: And Lucreto was falling…

      Royal Family: It’s time to quest once again!

      Alexander: Let’s jump the trap on our left.
      Cassima: And push the tile on the right.
      Alexander: We must seek the Black Cloak
      Cassima: For it is them we must fight
      Alexander And Cassima: For it’s their evil plotting
      That really drives us insane!

      Royal Family: It’s time to quest once again!

      Rosella: Edgar’s so dreamy, oh fantasy free me.
      Edgar: I’ll save the world you see, so chaos won’t fall.
      Connor: The fans’ cravings were ravenous, their desire so fathomless.
      “Another game!” was yelled by all.
      Graham: Let’s go on another trip!
      Valanice: That plan is very hip.
      Graham and Valanice: Then it’s official; it’s another game!
      Cassima: This’ll be a sensation–
      Alexander: –across every nation!

      Royal Family: It’s time to quest once again!

      Connor: Well I was walking in the castle and started to think
      About what could be the next plan of Shadrach, that slink
      Rosella: Edgar helping my sister-in-law, I think that’s fine
      I have faith that he will be back by tea time
      Edgar: I’ll prove myself to Rosella, that I swear,
      I’ll never forget my beloved so fair.
      Graham: With our combined might–
      Royal Family: –evil won’t win!
      It’s time to quest once again!

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      Fan game fanatics might also do well to check out http://www.sq7.org.

      I wonder how Ken and Roberta feel about fans taking up the mantle and extending the series…?

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      Hey Danny,

      Nice!! I really like that. 🙂 Keep posting if you’ve got more stuff. I love creative Sierra fans.

      – Alistair

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      great stuff, and you’re not the first! there’s another website out thereKQIX.comthat” target=”_blank”>http://www.kqix.com”>KQIX.comthat  plans on releasing the first part of their game this winter after working on it since 2001 or something.

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