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      I recently bought the KQ collector’s edition off ebay and it played KQ1 fine, but getting the other 5 games to run is another matter. I gave up running them in windows and have been trying to install them in DOS, but I keep getting the message ‘cECHO is off, cannot create the file ”:/sierra/kq2’ or whatever I am trying to install. Also, when selecting the game to install from the menu (again in DOS), it will only install KQ1, regardless of which letter I actually choose. Example: I pull up the menu by going to d:install, and it says choose the letter of the game you wish to install- I hit c, for kq2, and it gives me ‘installing king’s quest 1-the original’ ; same thing for the other 4 games. This cECHO message is pissing me off as well, especially because I can type ECHO in at the command prompt and it returns ‘ECHO is on’- only to be told that ECHO is off as soon as I try to install the game. What the heck is ECHO, how do I turn it on FOREVER, and why won’t the doggone menu allow me to select anything but KQ1? I am running windows XP home edition for anyone who cares.

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      Heh, I think I can help. ‘Echo Off’ is not an error, it’s a DOS way of stopping command line instructions repeating. So a program doesn’t ‘double load’ or something, I guess.

      ANyways. The KQ Collection installer is buggy, I think. Just copy the folders themselves from your CD’s. They’re preinstalled, so you don’t need to do anything except run install.exe and select your music/audio equipment.

      – Alistair

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